Terms of Service

Art. 1 – Definitions

1.1. Skynet Hosting SRL is defined as a provider of domain name registration, virtual server rental (VPS/VDS/cloud), VPN, VPS/VDS management services, and all other additional web services accessible directly from the skynet.hosting website.

1.2. This electronic document defines the framework in which Skynet Hosting SRL undertakes to provide you with web products and services. Simultaneously, it constitutes a legal agreement between the parties, and your use of the services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL implies full acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions of service set forth herein.

1.3. You agree that the provision of services or products will commence immediately upon the completion of all required registration procedures. The information provided must be accurate. By registering, you commit to provide us with your name, address, and any other data required or legally requested for the execution of the contract.
1.4. Skynet Hosting SRL is committed to providing web products and services to all users, including individuals and legal entities, in accordance with applicable legal provisions, while fully complying with the laws of the country where Skynet Hosting SRL servers are located. All users of web services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL are bound by General Terms of Use, Acceptable Usage Policy, Privacy Policy, and their use implies full acceptance and compliance with the information contained in this document.
1.5. Skynet Hosting SRL expressly prohibits any use of the Web Service for any illegal, ubiquitous, or copyright-infringing activity. You agree that Skynet Hosting SRL will provide information about your personal data (such as IP addresses, connection history, customer account data, etc.) only to authorities investigating security breaches or criminal activities in our systems, servers, or the networks of other websites. Any user compromising system, server, or network security may be subject to civil or criminal liability. In this regard, Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to permanently close a user's account without prior notice and reserves the right to become a victim in civil or criminal proceedings.
1.6. You confirm that you are fully informed about the web services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL and their associated prices, and you agree that both the technical parameters of the web services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL and their prices may be modified without notice.


Art. 2 – Orders and Payments
 Each order is placed online through the https://my.skynet.hosting website.
2.2. The User undertakes to provide complete, accurate, and effective identification data for use by Skynet Hosting SRL in billing the purchased Web Services, in accordance with applicable law. Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to close customer accounts and/or web services if inaccurate or incomplete identification data is detected.
2.3. Upon completing an order, a payment notification will be automatically sent to the User's email address provided via the online form. The payment notification contains all necessary information for payment completion and is available online in the customer's account. The User commits to paying for the purchased services in advance for the duration of service provision. All subsequent payment notifications will be sent exclusively via email.
2.4. The User is obliged to pay the pro forma invoice amount in advance within a maximum of 14 days from the issuance date. In the event that the payment request (pro forma) is not paid on time, Skynet Hosting SRL will automatically suspend the activity of the User's ordered Services. Upon receipt of payment confirmation, an invoice will be automatically generated in digital format (PDF) and sent through Skynet Hosting SRL's billing system. Invoices will be sent to the email address specified by the user in the customer account.
2.5. We reserve the right to suspend any service associated with a customer account after 15 days from the due date if payment has not been made or temporary inability to pay has not been reported by the user along with a proposed alternative payment date. Any extension of the payment term remains solely at the discretion of Skynet Hosting SRL based on the history and evolution of the user - Skynet Hosting SRL relationship. For VPS servers, services will be suspended 3 (three) days after the pro forma invoice due date if payment has not been received. Any extension of the payment term is at our discretion.
2.6. Account Deletion – In the case of non-payment, we reserve the right to permanently delete all hosting account details after twenty (20) calendar days from the Pro Forma Invoice due date. For VPS servers, if payment is not received, data will be deleted within 3 (three) calendar days from the pro forma invoice due date. Any extension of this agreement is at our discretion.
2.7. The User has the right to request a refund of the amount paid for the purchased Service within a maximum of 30 days from placing the order. To receive a refund, the User must request it by submitting a support request to the financial department. The message must contain the User's identification data, the reason for the refund request, and the information necessary to process this operation. Refunds will be processed within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the refund request. Domain registration fees, SSL certificates, or software license fees charged by Skynet Hosting SRL are non-refundable. Users who have benefited from discounts through special offers are not eligible to request refunds. If you violate these Terms and Conditions for the services offered by Skynet Hosting SRL, the Money-Back Guarantee will not apply. After 30 days from the activation and use of Skynet Hosting SRL Services, no payment refunds will be made, regardless of the amount or billing cycle.
2.8. If a physical contract for services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL has been previously concluded, a request to close the account must be addressed to the financial department at least fifteen (15) days before the next billing date. In the absence of a physical agreement, your account will be automatically closed by Skynet Hosting SRL 15 days from the due date of your payment notification. You do not need to provide prior notice of the web service termination request.
2.9. The recovery and activation of an account after data deletion due to late payment will be subject to a fee of 50% of the monthly service value for the deleted service plus the settlement of outstanding amounts within the account.


Art. 3 – Free Support
. Skynet Hosting SRL provides free technical support to all customers to ensure the proper functioning of the services provided. Technical support is limited to our areas of expertise. We do not provide technical support for web applications (CGI, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, etc.). Assistance can be requested 24/7 by opening a ticket with the Technical Department.
3.2. Response Time - Skynet Hosting SRL strives to provide a response time of under 60 minutes for requests submitted via tickets. However, this time may be influenced by the complexity of the issue at hand and the number of existing requests at that time.
3.3. Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to discontinue assistance provided in the customer relationship in exceptional cases, such as:
- Abuse of support requests.
- Indecent language and behavior of any kind towards Skynet Hosting SRL team members.
It is the prerogative of Skynet Hosting SRL to deem a request offensive or consider language or behavior as vulgar and offensive.
3.4. Any request that falls outside the scope of free assistance provided by Skynet Hosting SRL within the Server Management tariffs will be handled through the respective support hours or the Server Management service.


Art. 4 – SPAM and UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)
4.1. Skynet Hosting SRL does not tolerate Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM sent through our network. This means that all our users and clients are prohibited from using our network to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM. You are prohibited from hosting websites or information promoted through UCE from other networks. Violation of these Terms may result in severe penalties, including service suspension. Spam is the act of sending, assisting, or consenting to the sending of unsolicited commercial messages over the Internet to addresses that have not explicitly requested and confirmed receipt of such messages. This includes, but is not limited to, sending commercial communications (advertisements, donation requests, signature requests, surveys, promotional offers, etc.). SPAM includes, but is not limited to, any form of information transmission using the Internet network, such as email, Internet fax transmissions, or Internet telephony.
4.2. Upon notification of a spam policy violation, we will initiate an investigation within 48 hours of receiving the notification. Client network access will be restricted during the investigation to prevent future violations. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or permanently close a client's account if it is found to have violated these terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to take legal action to recover the costs associated with the investigation and to notify the relevant authorities if we find that the conduct is of a criminal nature.
4.3. Clients hosting SPAM sites or services on servers and IPs provided by Skynet Hosting SRL, and appearing in the SPAM database, will lead to service or server disconnection. Hosting IRC services, video streaming, audio streaming, or egg drop scripts is also prohibited. 4.4. Service restoration after violations in 4.1. and 4.3. cannot be discussed. Any account that has violated these rules is not eligible to request a refund.


Art. 5 – IP Addresses
5.1. Once we assign an IP address to a client, the right to use that IP address belongs exclusively to us, and the client may only use it in accordance with the terms of this document. We will maintain control and ownership rights over IP addresses allocated to clients and reserve the right to change or close any IP address at any time.
5.2. The following actions related to IP addresses will immediately result in the suspension of the client's service without the possibility of restoring the service or applying for a refund:
Engaging in activities that may lead to the IP being listed on blacklists such as SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, antivirus databases, and any other similar lists.
Port and vulnerability scanning.
Adding and using IP addresses that do not belong to you.


Art. 6 – Traffic and Storege
6.1. The client agrees that the traffic and space in the ordered service package will not be exceeded if they are limited. Skynet Hosting SRL will continuously monitor the client's account, and if it uses an excessive amount of resources, we will notify the client accordingly. If the account significantly exceeds the permissible resource limits (memory, processor, IO, bandwidth, etc.), it may be suspended, or scripts may be deactivated without prior notice to ensure the optimal functioning of the servers.
6.2. We have the right to take similar measures if traffic exceeds the limits set in the ordered service package. These measures may include, but are not limited to, charging for additional traffic, suspending, or disconnecting the account. All these actions are within our rights. In the event that measures are taken against the client's account, they will not have the right to request a refund, regardless of the service used.
6.3. Skynet Hosting SRL monitors compliance with the above-mentioned conditions through the monitoring of resource usage reports.


Art. 7 – Infrastructure and Network Security
7.1. Clients are not allowed to use the Skynet Hosting SRL network in an attempt to evade authentication and/or deceive the security of any host, network, or account. This includes but is not limited to accessing data not intended for the client, logging into a server or account for which the client has no authorized access, password cracking, testing the security of other networks for vulnerabilities, or violating other security policies.
7.2. Clients are not permitted to attempt to disrupt or stop the service for any other user, host, or network. This includes but is not limited to denial of service attacks, email bombing, or any intentional attempts to block a host or network.
7.3. Skynet Hosting SRL will cooperate with authorities investigating breaches of system or network security of other websites, including authorities conducting criminal investigations.
7.4. Users who violate system or network security may be subject to legal liability through civil or criminal proceedings.
7.5. If we identify a user who has violated these terms and conditions, we will send them an email notifying them of the violation. The service used may be temporarily suspended at our discretion. In the event of a second violation of these terms and conditions, the user's account will be immediately suspended or permanently closed without prior notice. Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to suspend the provision of services and/or take action to stop the client's actions if they cause harm to third parties within the Internet network. In some cases, we will attempt to contact the user before taking any action.
7.6. In the event that any of the users of the services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL violates any of the sub-points specified in Articles 4.1, 4.3, 5.2, 7.9, 7.10, we will initiate an investigation within 48 hours of receiving the notification. During the investigation, access to the client's network will be restricted to prevent future violations. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or permanently close a client's account if they are found to have violated these terms and conditions. Furthermore, we reserve the right to initiate legal action in court to recover the costs associated with the investigation and to notify the competent authorities if we find that the client's behavior has been of a criminal nature.
7.8. All services provided must be used legally. It is strictly prohibited to transmit, store, or present any information that conflicts with the law. This includes but is not limited to materials that infringe on copyright, trademark rights, or any other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party. The client agrees that they are solely responsible for any abusive use of any offered service that could result in any damage.
7.9. The following types of content are prohibited from being presented or stored on Skynet Hosting SRL servers and services:

  1. Nudity, pornography, or any images or text of a sexual or obscene nature that do not comply with applicable legal conditions.

  2. Child pornography.

  3. Threats, abuse, harassment, or defamatory statements.

  4. Content intended to encourage xenophobia.

  5. Text or materials of a violent nature.

  6. Defamatory, insulting, derogatory, or libelous content.

  7. Racial or discriminatory content.

  8. Deceptive, false, misleading, or fraudulent content.

  9. Content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates their legal rights.

  10. Vulgar, obscene, indecent, or illegal content.

  11. Viruses, trojans, or similar programs.

  12. Pirated software or content addressing those who pirate software or engage in similar activities.

7.10. The following actions are prohibited on any Skynet Hosting SRL server/host or other service:

  1. Intentional transmission of email spam, both outgoing and incoming.

  2. Use of botnets, viruses, exploits, or redirection to websites containing such elements.

  3. Engagement in malicious activities against governmental organizations and others, as well as executive authorities.

  4. Involvement in activities that could lead to the listing of the IP address on blacklists such as SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, antivirus databases, and any other similar lists.

  5. Organizing DDoS attacks from rented servers or conducting DDoS tests and other attacks on one's own server.

  6. Port and vulnerability scanning without permission.

  7. Distribution and storage of child pornography, incest, bestiality, or websites with models who appear to be under 18.

  8. Committing data theft (phishing) and fraud or redirecting to resources involving such activities.

  9. Carding and any other illegal activity related to it.

  10. Operating online pharmacies with illegal pharmaceutical products.

  11. Creating replica websites/stores for selling counterfeit products such as watches, bags, clothing, etc.

  12. Use of Microsoft software without a valid license.

7.11. The client is responsible for constantly updating the contact information in the control panel, client panel, and billing details as necessary. We cannot be held responsible for any communication confusion arising from the client's failure to update this necessary information. It is also the client's responsibility to ensure the security of usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information. If there is any doubt in this regard, the client must modify or request modification of the authentication data by contacting the support service. Additionally, the client is responsible for keeping the commercial or free scripts used on the server up to date. The client is solely responsible for the content and use of the data stored on their server/account.


Art. 8 - Backup
 We perform daily backups. However, the integrity of backups is not guaranteed. We encourage all clients to create their own backups in the form of archive files containing backups of all data, databases, and other critical information for the proper operation of the service, and to download them to a local computer or backup server.


Art. 9 – Reporting Violations of Terms and Conditions of Use
 As a service provider, we want to inform all our clients and users to contact us immediately if they observe any violations of our terms and conditions. If possible, please provide the following information: the IP address used to commit the violation, the date and time the violation occurred, and also an email with any other available information about the person who violated our terms and conditions.
9.2. Abuse reports should be sent to the following email address: [email protected]


Art. 10 – Final Provisions
0.1. Any abusive behavior towards our staff or the administrator of our network, the use of inappropriate language, or any action that we deem offensive may result in the suspension of the client's account or its permanent closure without prior notice and without the possibility of a refund for the contracted package.
10.2. All clients and users of Skynet Hosting SRL services are subject to these terms and conditions; therefore, the use of services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL implies acceptance and compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use.
10.3. Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to modify the content of this document at any time without prior notice to the user. Any changes made will be deemed accepted by the user if they continue to use the service after they have been posted on the website. Additionally, Skynet Hosting SRL reserves the right to suspend the provision of services to any user if they have violated any of the conditions mentioned above.
10.4. If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, please discontinue the use of services provided by Skynet Hosting SRL. We also advise all clients and users of our services to check this document at least once a month to stay informed of any changes.


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