Certificados SSL
Seleccione de entre una amplia gama de certificados para validación extendida, validación de organización o validación de dominio. Contamos con un gran surtido para satisfacer todos sus requisitos.
Asegure su sitio web con un certificado SSL.
Cuando utiliza Skynet Hosting junto con un certificado SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) confiable, puede brindar a los visitantes de su sitio web una gran sensación de confianza. Esta poderosa combinación asegura y encripta cada transacción de comercio electrónico realizada dentro de su tienda en línea, además de proteger la privacidad de los datos importantes en su sitio web. Además, mejora la optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO) de su sitio web, lo que eleva su ranking y atrae a más usuarios.
Rendimiento Optimizado
Rendimiento Optimizado, un atributo clave de SSL, mejora la velocidad y eficiencia de su sitio web. Al utilizar técnicas modernas de encriptación, SSL no solo asegura sus interacciones en línea, sino que también garantiza que sus usuarios experimenten un entorno de navegación fluido, rápido y seguro, mejorando en última instancia su experiencia en línea general.
Verificación y Validación
La Verificación y Validación son características fundamentales de SSL que confirman la legitimidad de su sitio web. A través de un riguroso proceso de autenticación, los certificados SSL establecen la identidad y las credenciales del propietario del sitio, minimizando el riesgo de actividad fraudulenta, haciendo que las transacciones en línea sean seguras y asegurando a los visitantes la confiabilidad de su sitio.
Seguridad Global
La Seguridad Global asegura que su sitio web esté protegido y sea confiable a escala mundial. Utiliza el cifrado SSL para salvaguardar los datos durante la transmisión, estableciendo una conexión segura y confiable que inspira confianza y seguridad a sus visitantes, independientemente de su ubicación.

SSL Certificate: Protecting Your Website and Visitors

When you visit different websites, you've probably noticed a small lock symbol in the browser's address bar. This lock signifies the presence of an SSL certificate, a crucial component responsible for the complete security of private data and other information shared by users on that website. An SSL certificate enables the safe transmission of sensitive information through a secure protocol. It establishes fixed rules for data exchange, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals, including scammers, can intercept:

  • Personal identification numbers (PINs).

  • Social Security numbers.

  • Email addresses.

  • Billing information.

  • Medical records.

  • Legal documents.

  • Trade secrets.

  • Intellectual property.

  • Payment transaction history.

  • Proprietary business data.

  • Personal messages and communications.

  • Location data.

  • Authentication tokens.

By implementing SSL certificates, Skynet Hosting prioritizes the protection of your website's visitors, giving them the peace of mind they deserve. Whether you run an e-commerce platform or a corporate website, the need for a high level of authentication and financial security is paramount. SSL certificates are an indispensable tool for safeguarding both your data and your customers. These certificates not only keep your data secure but also validate your website's ownership, preventing unauthorized parties from creating fraudulent copies of your site. This level of security fosters trust among your visitors, regardless of the nature of your business.


SSL Certificates Tailored to Your Needs

Our commitment to security extends to SSL certificates designed for various use cases. For e-commerce applications and any transactions that involve sensitive data over the internet, our SSL certificates are essential. Skynet Hosting offers a range of certificates suitable for your domain. So, no matter the purpose or scale of your online operations, you can count on us to provide the security your website and customers demand.


How to Choose an SSL Certificate?

When it comes to selecting the right SSL certificate for your website, it's essential to understand the varying levels of verification and the number of domains they cover. There are three primary types of SSL certificates: Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV), each employing different validation methods to verify your website's identity and security.

In addition to the verification process, you'll also need to consider the scope of coverage for your SSL certificate. Your choices typically include single-domain certificates, wildcard certificates that provide security for all subdomains of your primary domain, and multi-domain certificates capable of protecting multiple domains under one certificate.

At Skynet Hosting, we understand the importance of making the right choice for your SSL certificate. That's why we've partnered with well-recognized industry leaders, offering a diverse range of options to suit every website's unique needs. With the support of our trusted partners, you can make an informed decision to enhance your website's security and inspire trust in your visitors.


Securing Your site with Thawte SSL 123 and SSL 123 Wildcard Certificates

In the digital age, the security of your website and the protection of data transmitted between your server and users are paramount. SSL certificates are the foundation of online security, and our esteemed partner, Thawte, offers two remarkable options to cater to your specific security needs: Thawte SSL 123 and Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard certificates.

Thawte SSL 123 Certificate - Domain Validated

When time is of the essence and you need swift and cost-effective security for your website, Thawte's SSL 123 Certificate is the ideal choice. This domain-validated certificate offers 256-bit encryption, ensuring robust protection. The domain ownership is swiftly verified through various authentication procedures. Thawte SSL 123 is designed for businesses where a quick deployment of security measures is essential.

You can expect a rapid processing time of approximately one working day, making it a favorite for website owners who need to secure their sites promptly. This certificate is versatile and well-suited for businesses of various sizes. It covers essential URLs like https://www.example.com and https://example.com, providing comprehensive security for your online presence.

Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard Certificate - Domain Validated

For businesses with numerous subdomains and a complex web infrastructure, the Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard Certificate is the perfect choice. It offers the same domain-validated security as the SSL 123 Certificate but with the added advantage of covering subdomains (e.g., *.domain.com-sample) and the primary domain (e.g., domain.com-sample).

What sets this certificate apart is its unlimited use on various servers, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses managing multiple subdomains. With a processing time of just one working day, you can secure all your subdomains quickly and conveniently.

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard Certificate is designed to adapt to your needs. It simplifies the process of securing subdomains, reducing management time and cost.

Thawte SSL certificates offer diverse solutions tailored to different security requirements. As a trusted partner of Skynet Hosting, Thawte ensures that your website is not only secure but also inspires confidence in your visitors. So, when it comes to safeguarding your website, you have the flexibility to choose the Thawte SSL certificate that best suits your needs, whether it's the quick and efficient Thawte SSL 123 or the versatile Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard.


Upgrade the Security of Your Website with DigiCert Standard SSL Certificates

One name stands out as a beacon of trust and dependability in the field of website security: DigiCert. DigiCert, one of our valued partners, provides a selection of SSL certificates that offer a combination of fast issuance and organization authentication, guaranteeing your website's integrity while maintaining the speed you need.

DigiCert SSL Certificate Products

DigiCert doesn't stop at just one type of certificate. They offer a variety of products to cater to different security needs:

  • DigiCert Standard SSL: The perfect choice for fast issuance, robust encryption, and organizational validation.

  • DigiCert Wildcard SSL: Secure multiple subdomains with a single certificate.

  • DigiCert S/MIME Class 1 Certificate (Mailbox-Validated): Ensure the security of email communication with this mailbox-validated certificate.

DigiCert Standard SSL Certificates

Imagine having the best of both worlds – the organizational validation you'd expect from an OV SSL certificate, combined with the swift issuance characteristic of a DV certificate. DigiCert's Standard SSL Certificates deliver precisely that. The revolutionary issuance process ensures that you can have an Organization Validation SSL certificate in just minutes after purchase. This means that whenever your customers access your certificate details or click on your DigiCert Secure Trust Seal, they'll instantly see verified organizational information, instilling trust and credibility.

One of the key advantages of DigiCert Standard SSL Certificates is the powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption they provide, securing all communication between your website and its visitors. This level of encryption ensures that sensitive data remains confidential and safe from prying eyes. Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing their interactions with your site are protected by this formidable security.

To add another layer of assurance, DigiCert backs its Standard SSL Certificates with a million-dollar warranty, underscoring the company's commitment to security and customer trust. It's this unwavering dedication to website security that makes DigiCert's line of legacy SSL certificates so popular.

DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates

In the ever-evolving landscape of online security, DigiCert takes a leap forward with its Wildcard SSL certificates, providing a powerful solution for safeguarding your online presence. These certificates aren't just about securing a single domain; they extend their protective embrace to cover up to an impressive 250 subdomains.

But here's where it gets even better – you have the flexibility to add Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to any DigiCert SSL certificate, effectively transforming it into a wildcard certificate. This ingenious feature simplifies the management of multiple subdomains and brings you substantial savings.

Let's break it down with an example:

Primary Domain: www.example.com

Subject Alternative Names (SANs):

  • mail.example.com

  • blog.example.com

  • it.example.com

  • portal.example.com

  • hr.example.com

  • login.example.com

  • shop.example.com

With DigiCert's Wildcard SSL certificates, you have the power to secure your primary domain and all associated subdomains, providing comprehensive protection for your entire web ecosystem. This level of flexibility and coverage ensures that you can navigate the ever-expanding online landscape with confidence, knowing that your websites and subdomains are safe and secure. DigiCert makes it easy, efficient, and cost-effective to manage your online security, so you can focus on what matters most - your online success.

Secure Your Emails with DigiCert S/MIME Class 1 Certificate (Mailbox-Validated)

In an age where digital communication is the lifeblood of business, safeguarding your emails is non-negotiable. DigiCert recognizes the critical need for securing your email communication and offers the Class 1 S/MIME certificate, undergoing mailbox validation to protect your employees, partners, and customers from phishing attacks and unauthorized access to your email content.

With the DigiCert Class 1 S/MIME certificate, you can fortify your email communication by attaching your unique cryptographic signature to every email you send. This signature acts as a digital seal of authenticity, assuring your recipients that the email indeed originates from you, not a malicious cybercriminal. This not only adds an extra layer of trust but also safeguards your reputation and the integrity of your communications.

What's more, this certificate brings the power of end-to-end encryption to your emails. It ensures that your email contents remain confidential and protected from prying eyes, whether it's personal data, sensitive passwords, or your organization's closely guarded trade secrets. With a DigiCert Mailbox-Validated certificate, you can communicate freely, knowing that your emails are for your recipient's eyes only.

One of the standout features of this certificate is its swiftness. Since mailbox ownership is the primary verification requirement, the DigiCert Class 1 S/MIME Certificate can be issued in a matter of minutes. This rapid issuance process minimizes disruption to your workflow, allowing you to enhance your email security without delay.

Cost-effectiveness is another key advantage. The DigiCert Class 1 S/MIME Certificate is one of the most affordable options available, ensuring that even small to medium-sized businesses can access top-tier email security without breaking the bank.

Moreover, this certificate is backed by one of the world's most renowned Certificate Authorities (CAs), DigiCert. Their sterling reputation for security and trustworthiness further enhances the reliability of the Class 1 S/MIME certificate.

For organizations seeking even more comprehensive email security, DigiCert also offers an organization-validated S/MIME certificate. It includes all the benefits of the mailbox-validated S/MIME, plus additional features such as document signing and client authentication, ensuring that your email communication is fortified against a wide range of security threats.


Elevate Your Website's Security with GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

In the ever-evolving landscape of online security, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium stands as a powerful solution, ensuring your website's safety and inspiring instant assurance in your customers. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, GeoTrust offers this premium certificate with a range of features designed to secure your online presence.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

This popular certificate is tailored to secure one fully qualified domain name, whether it's with or without the "www" prefix. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium provides up to 256-bit encryption, a gold standard in online security. When your customers see the GeoTrust brand, they'll feel immediate trust, knowing that your site is safeguarded by such a premium name. Moreover, this certificate is typically issued in less than 10 minutes, thanks to its straightforward domain verification process. It's a fantastic choice for small to medium-sized online businesses that seek the credibility of a premium brand without breaking the bank.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

For businesses looking to secure their main domain (e.g., www.yourdomain.com) and an unlimited number of subdomains (e.g., mail.yourdomain.com, ftp.yourdomain.com), GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard is the ideal solution. This dynamic certificate operates with an automatic authentication and issuance process, delivering your certificate in 10 minutes or less. With GeoTrust's reputation as one of the most trusted names in online encryption, your customers can rest assured that your site is protected by a recognized security brand, and this assurance is delivered within minutes.

This option is especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses that need to secure multiple subdomains now or in the future. By opting for GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard, you future-proof your site against the security needs of tomorrow, ensuring that all your online assets remain safe and sound. GeoTrust's QuickSSL Premium and QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificates offer top-tier security for your website and its subdomains, coupled with a speedy issuance process and the trusted GeoTrust brand. It's the perfect combination for businesses looking to fortify their online presence without compromise.


Boost the Security of Your Website with Comodo SSL Certificates

In the ever-evolving landscape of online security, Comodo stands as a trusted partner in delivering a range of SSL certificates designed to meet diverse security needs. Let's explore Comodo's SSL certificates, each offering robust encryption and the assurance of a respected name in internet security.

Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate

For those seeking a swift website security solution, the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is a compelling choice. This domain-validated (DV) certificate offers industry-standard encryption at an unbeatable price. What's more, it bears the stamp of the Comodo brand, one of the most trusted names in internet security. The Comodo PositiveSSL is an excellent option for when you need rapid and uncomplicated security without the need for extensive trust indicators on your site.

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate (DV)

If you're in search of straightforward encryption for your website, the Comodo Essential SSL certificate ranks among the most cost-effective options available. This certificate can be issued within minutes and provides the highest level of encryption. Websites protected by this certificate will proudly display "https" in the URL, accompanied by the reassuring padlock icon and Site Seal. However, the standout feature of this certificate is its speed of issuance, making it a perfect fit for internal testing domains and lightweight e-commerce websites.

Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)

The Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard certificate offers one of the most economical SSL solutions. It can secure your primary domain and an unlimited number of subdomains, simplifying the management of your SSL certificates. What's even more convenient is that, being a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, it can be issued to a domain in mere minutes. This certificate serves as an excellent entry-level wildcard solution, particularly suited for lightweight e-commerce sites and newly established domains seeking to establish trust through "https" and the Comodo Secure logo.

Comodo's SSL certificates provide a variety of solutions to secure your website, from basic encryption to wildcard options, all backed by the reputation of Comodo's trusted name in the world of internet security. Whether you need swift, cost-effective security, or you're looking to establish trust with your audience, Comodo's SSL certificates have you covered.


Sectigo SSL Certificates - Increase the Security of Your Website

In the ever-evolving landscape of online security, Sectigo stands as a trusted partner, offering a range of SSL certificates designed to meet diverse security needs. Let's explore Sectigo's SSL certificates, each delivering robust encryption and instilling trust in your online presence.

Sectigo SSL Certificate - Single Domain

The Sectigo SSL certificate serves as the foundation of Sectigo's SSL/TLS line. It provides instant, affordable encryption for a single domain, making it one of the most widely used Domain Validated certificates on the market. What sets it apart is its generous $500,000 warranty, offering you and your visitors peace of mind. Additionally, you can enhance visitor trust by adding the Sectigo Secured seal to your website. Sectigo SSL certificates surpass industry standards for encryption, offering a choice between RSA or ECDH public key cryptosystems, 256-bit symmetric encryption, and SHA-2.

Sectigo SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)

For companies with intricate web infrastructures relying on numerous subdomains, the Sectigo SSL Wildcard certificate is a highly popular choice. It can secure a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) along with all of its first-level subdomains, regardless of their quantity. What makes this certificate even more appealing is Sectigo's best-in-industry warranties, and the well-recognized Sectigo Secure seal. When you choose The SSL Store for your certificate, you'll benefit from 24/7 live support throughout the certificate's lifespan.

Sectigo SSL certificates provide top-tier security, making them the ideal choice for businesses looking to protect their websites, subdomains, and customer data. With robust encryption, generous warranties, and the trusted Sectigo brand, you can navigate the online landscape with confidence.


Preguntas frecuentes
¿Cuáles son las ventajas de un certificado de pago en comparación con una versión gratuita?

Los certificados SSL pagados ofrecen varias ventajas sobre sus contrapartes gratuitas. A menudo vienen con un mayor nivel de seguridad debido a una encriptación más fuerte y procesos de verificación de identidad más rigurosos, asegurando que la organización detrás del sitio web esté completamente autenticada. Los certificados pagados suelen incluir una garantía que proporciona protección financiera al propietario del sitio web en caso de una brecha de seguridad atribuible a un fallo del certificado. Además, ofrecen una mayor compatibilidad con diversos navegadores y dispositivos, y a menudo vienen con soporte directo al cliente por parte de la autoridad certificadora, lo cual es crucial para resolver problemas de manera rápida. Por último, ciertos tipos de certificados pagados, como los certificados de Validación Extendida (EV), ofrecen un mayor nivel de confianza y credibilidad a los visitantes, mostrando el nombre de la compañía directamente en la barra de direcciones del navegador.

¿Qué garantía obtengo?

La garantía en el contexto de los certificados SSL se refiere a una garantía financiera proporcionada por la Autoridad de Certificación (CA) que emite el certificado. Esta garantía está diseñada para proteger a los usuarios finales (los visitantes de su sitio web) ofreciendo un pago de compensación en caso de una violación de datos o emisión incorrecta de un certificado que resulte directamente de un fallo del certificado SSL de la CA.
Es importante señalar que la garantía está destinada típicamente a cubrir los daños incurridos por los visitantes del sitio debido a un mal funcionamiento del certificado, no al propietario del sitio web directamente. Por lo tanto, es una característica que añade un nivel extra de confianza y seguridad para los clientes o usuarios que visitan sitios web seguros con SSL. Sin embargo, los detalles específicos de lo que está cubierto pueden variar, por lo que es esencial leer los términos de la garantía proporcionada por su CA elegida.

¿Por qué necesito un certificado SSL?

Un certificado SSL es crucial para garantizar la seguridad e integridad de los datos transmitidos entre servidores y clientes, como información personal, detalles de pago y credenciales de inicio de sesión, mediante el cifrado de los datos durante su tránsito. Refuerza la credibilidad del sitio web y la confianza del usuario, con indicadores visibles como el icono de candado en el navegador, lo que significa que el sitio es seguro y auténtico. Además, los motores de búsqueda favorecen a los sitios web seguros con SSL, lo que potencialmente mejora el ranking y la visibilidad en las búsquedas. Por último, SSL es a menudo obligatorio para cumplir con las regulaciones de protección de datos, asegurando que las empresas cumplan con los estándares legales para la protección de los datos de los clientes.

¿Qué es exactamente un certificado DV/OV/EV?

DV (Validación de Dominio), OV (Validación de Organización) y EV (Validación Extendida) son diferentes clases de certificados SSL, cada uno requiere un nivel diferente de validación por parte de la Autoridad de Certificación (CA).

Certificado DV: El tipo más simple y común, un certificado DV, verifica que el nombre de dominio está registrado y que alguien con derechos de administrador está al tanto y aprueba la solicitud de certificado. Este proceso generalmente implica solo una simple verificación por correo electrónico.

Certificado OV: Un certificado OV involucra una verificación más exhaustiva, donde la CA verifica el derecho del solicitante a utilizar un nombre de dominio específico, además de realizar algunas verificaciones de la organización. Se muestra información adicional de la empresa verificada a los clientes al hacer clic en el Sello de Sitio Seguro, brindando una mayor visibilidad de quién está detrás del sitio y una mayor confianza asociada.

Certificado EV: Ofreciendo el mayor nivel de seguridad y confianza, el certificado EV verifica la propiedad y legitimidad de un negocio, además de la propiedad del dominio. Activa la barra de direcciones verde en los navegadores, proporcionando la indicación más visible de la autenticidad de un sitio web, lo que aumenta la confianza del usuario.

Cada tipo ofrece un nivel diferente de seguridad y se utiliza en base a la naturaleza del sitio web y el nivel de confianza que el propietario del sitio web quiere establecer con los usuarios.

¿Qué es SSL y cuál es su importancia?

SSL (Capa de Conexión Segura) es un protocolo de seguridad utilizado para establecer un enlace encriptado entre un servidor y un cliente, típicamente un servidor web (sitio web) y un navegador, o un servidor de correo y un cliente de correo. Es crucial porque asegura la transferencia de datos, garantizando que la información sensible, como datos personales, credenciales de inicio de sesión o números de tarjetas de crédito, permanezca confidencial e inaccesible para los hackers durante la transmisión. SSL también proporciona autenticación, lo que significa que verifica que el servidor al que se está conectando es efectivamente el correcto, lo cual es esencial para prevenir ataques de intermediarios. Esta medida de seguridad es visible para los usuarios en forma de un icono de candado en la barra de direcciones del navegador, infundiendo confianza y seguridad en la seguridad del sitio web.

Métodos de pago
En el mundo acelerado de hoy, entendemos que todos tienen su método de pago preferido. En Skynet Hosting nos esforzamos por hacer que su experiencia de compra sea lo más fluida posible, ofreciendo una variedad de opciones de pago para satisfacer sus necesidades. Si no encuentra su método de pago preferido en esta lista, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Estamos comprometidos en brindar un excelente servicio al cliente y trabajaremos con usted para encontrar una solución de pago adecuada. Su comodidad es nuestra prioridad.