Server administration
We do it for free
Migration of small sites on a standard set of software and CMS
Hosting Panel installation (cPanel, Hestia, Plesk, Fastpanel, CWP, CyberPanel)
Basic setup of hosting control panels
Creating users, adding sites, ftp accounts through the control panel
Install, reinstall, update, restart server
Basic OS setup, remote access setup
Installing and updating common software packages
Setting up and managing DNS records
Setting up email accounts
Performing for a fee
Configuring / updating SSL certificates
Installation, configuration of non-standard software (docker, vpn, balancer)
Custom software installations and configurations.
Creating and managing automated, offsite backups.
Moving heavy websites, databases, and applications to new servers.
Customizing and managing complex firewall rules.
Continuous server monitoring
In-depth analysis and resolution of complex server issues
Cost of works
Custom software installations and configurations
from 20
Migrating resource-intensive websites, databases, or applications to new servers
from 15
Configuring and optimizing web-server (litespeed, nginx, apache)
from 15
Configuring or updating SSL certificates on a website
from 10
Backup configuration
from 10
Configure FTP server(proftpd, pureftpd vsftpd)
from 10
Setting up mail services and servers (dovecote, exim, iredmail postfix, postgrey)
from 20
Firewall configuration
from 15
VPN, Proxy server configuration
from 20


Payments We Accept
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